What’s the Big Deal about Essential Oils? (Part 1)

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 What’s the Big Deal about Essential Oils?


            At Rush Acres Farm, we are proud to be able to offer soaps that contain 100% pure therapeutic essential oils.  While we do also offer excellent fragrance oil soaps, our essential oil soaps seem to be a favorite of our customers!  Probably because they offer added benefits aside from just a great scent.

             Look for our next few blog posts to see more, but here are some of the more popular ones flying off our shelves!

 Now, I could use a lot of big, scientific-like words…but I’m going to refrain from that!  Cause that won’t tell you anything at all!  So, with the help of www.organicfacts.net, here’s a layman’s list of essential oils and their benefits!


Anise Essential Oil is a sweet, warm, spicy oil that relieves stress, anxiety, depression, anger and insomnia.

           Has a narcotic and sedative effect; slows circulation, respiration and nervous response

           Aids in the faster healing of wounds

           Effectively clears congestion in the lungs and respiratory tracts


Calendula Essential Oil is slightly sweet smelling and is the source of great healing properties. The reason we use it?  For its great effect on the skin: it diminishes wrinkles and age spots, reduces the visibility of scars, and encourages smooth, glowing, even-toned skin.  Calendula oil also reduces pain and discomfort from inflammation or muscle cramping.


Cedarwood Essential Oil has a strong, warm aroma, yet again, excellent in the treatment of acne and oily skin.  It has also been beneficial for eczema and psoriasis.  A favored concoction we’ve assembled is Cedarwood & Sandalwood.

           Lessens inflammation

           Relieves spasms, including restless leg syndrome

           Tightens and tones muscles, skin and nervous system

           Stimulates regular menstruation

           Eliminates cough and removes phlegm

 A favored concoction we’ve assembled is Cedarwood & Sandalwood.


Cinnamon Leaf Essential Oil smells warm, sweet and spicy, as its name suggests, and has a bunch of great properties.  However, please use caution; some people are overly sensitive to cinnamon!

           Boosts brain function and reduces nervous tension and memory loss (check out this study)

           Improves circulation and helps ease stiffness in muscles and joints as well as cramping; effectively treats external infections and promotes healing