Shearing Day is On Its Way......

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It's almost that time of the year again at Rush Acres Farm!!!

SHEARING DAY!!! – Sunday, May 1st @ 7:00 am

It is our 2nd annual and we will be open to the public.  So feel free to bring the family!

For those of you who don’t know what this is… Shearing Day is when all of our beautiful alpacas get a haircut! :)


Some FAQs about alpaca shearing!

Q: Why do alpacas need to be shorn?

A: Since they’re cold weather animals originating from the Andes Mountains, alpacas are shorn for their health once a year right before summer to help them survive the warmer months.


Q: After an alpaca is sheared, what happens with its fiber?

A: The raw fiber can be used by spinners and crafters; or by joining Fiber Co-ops, the fiber can be pooled with other North American breeders and made into apparel.  It can also be processed by mills and made into yarn or you can spin it yourself for your own nifty crafts and needlework!


Q: Is alpaca fiber valuable?

A: Alpaca fiber is a rare specialty fiber that is 5x warmer than sheep wool and more luxurious than cashmere.  Alpaca fiber comes in more than 22 natural colors but can be easily dyed.  It is hypoallergenic, flame resistant, durable, resilient and strong yet super soft!  It is very warm yet lightweight (thanks to its the microscopic air pockets).  And…its more desirable trait…it’s not itchy like wool because it doesn’t contain lanolin. 


Q: Does it hurt the alpaca?

A: No!


Q: How much of the animal gets shorn?

A: Neck and body!  Legs, head, and tail get a trim.


Q: Do they spit?

A: Yes, they spit, but rarely do!!!  Only when they feel agitated, annoyed, or threatened.