About Us

Rush Acres Farm is a small family farm, comprised of 23 acres of cozy woods, pastures, a beautiful lake, and rustic farmhouse… and a mess of critters that we call family!

We have always dreamed of spreading our wings on thriving farmland, and in 2007, we decided to move to Foristell, Missouri to do just that.

With only six and a half acres, our first endeavor was raising chickens. Soon after came goats, geese, ducks, and donkeys… and more recently alpacas. Even rescue animals find a haven at Rush Acres Farm.

In addition to the care, affection, and humanity we show our animals, we are also about displaying honesty and integrity, representing quality, and understanding the value of being educated and informed.

Rush Acres Farm is a humane, “no kill” farm aimed at raising quality animals who are fed a well balanced diet. Each animal receives food and nutrients geared toward their own unique needs and well-being. We have a close relationship with the veterinary staff at the University of Missouri at Columbia and insist on providing top notch care to our animals.

Customers, breeders, and visitors of Rush Acres Farm can expect hospitality and friendliness, personal attention and down-to-earth banter, quality animals and products, and continued mentoring. We welcome visitors! We really love visitors, actually!
So what does the future hold for Rush Acres Farm?! I guess you’ll have to stick around to find out!